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Monday, March 16, 2015

Definition of Assamese and the issue of the Pride of Assam

The pride of Assam and the identity of Assamese both are really sensitive matters. We may act like fanatics over issues of auction of our cultural symbols like Gamocha or Rhino handicraft and ignore that in IPL and ISL players put up themselves for auction. But when it comes to pride of Assamese one has to withhold his/her own judgement often to avoid hurting others.  Since we have a multicultural and multi-dimensional society we need to be even more cautious. But the recent controversy surfacing over the issue of updating of NRC the touchy matter came to the forefront and intellectuals, student bodies  and politicians all are seen loggerheads over t  he issue.

Fortunately, president of the Assam Xahitya Xobha, the  guardian of Assamese cultural entity clearly stated that the Xobha is not entitled to provide a definition about who is an Assamese. Dr Dhrubajyoti Borah, noted litterateur and now President of Axom Xahitya Xobha in a TV interview stated that it is the responsibility of the Indian Constitution, then our legislators to define who is an Assamese.

The National Register of Citizens is about to be updated after a long wait and the sensitive issue of illegal migrants from Bangladesh and a few other neighbouring countries is one huge issue. Each and every genuine citizen is worrying that this updation may become an opportunity for the illegal migrants who have came to Assam at any point after 24th March 1975. On the other hand organizations of minority students bodies are also worrying about some consequences which may happen if 1975 is taken as the cut off year. They are demanding a fresh NRC instead of updation of 1951 NRC which left out a chunk of villages in some districts.

The bottom line is clear here. More than protection of the concerns of a particular community, be it Hindu refugees or muslim migrants one should think about the concern of this state. Our constitution has granted us some rights as its citizens. We are blessed to be born in this land. This land has to bear the brunt of excess population which is a result of illegal migration. Those who are protecting the illegal migrants today will be facing the outcome of such unjustifiable act tomorrow. 

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